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April 12, 2009 // bridals
Recently, I've teamed up with two great photographers, Kyla Akasha, owner and operator of Spotlight Studios, and Julio Fonyat, a wedding and surf photographer from Brazil, to take our businesses to the next level. When we all first met, Kyla was about to head to Las Vegas to marry her then-fiance Angel. So Julio and I thought it would be cool to do a bridal shoot with Kyla since she has such a cool look and it would be fun to all collaborate on a shoot together. So we headed in and around Kyla's beautiful studio in University Heights and rocked the shoot!

090412a.jpgGetting the sexy side.

Since Kyla poses people everyday, she was so natural at posing.

It took me a while to decide if I wanted to keep or remove the flare at her feet, but I just love that the flare circles her shoes.

I love awesome alleys and buildings, especially if they are in the exact same spot.

I saw this hopscotch game on the sidewalk and knew we had to get these shots!

Of all the shots I've taken, this ranks as my second favorite (here is my first).


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Awesome photos! I had a great time, thanks a lot!

(04.13.09 @ 06:23 AM)
mary "mf":

Love them Chaz! I am so excited for this adventure you are taking on! It's going to be awesome and Kyla looks great and I am sure Julio is as well!

Great work! Your 2nd favorite is my first. =)

(04.13.09 @ 07:35 PM)

This shoot looks like it was so much fun. I'm thrilled you are shooting our wedding!

(04.15.09 @ 08:01 PM)
This is just one of my favorite shots from today's bridal session with Kyla, but you'll have to wait until the weekend to see the rest of the images!


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jasmine Marie:

Wow! :) Can't wait to see the rest.

(04.08.09 @ 10:42 PM)
I went up to Laguna Beach the day after Thanksgiving to photograph the beautiful wedding of Archel and Eric. Archel was a friend from elementary school and she disappeared before we went to junior high, so we realized how small of a world this was when she got my contact info so many years later. We had fun catching up and taking photographs, so on to the pictures!

081215a.jpgYou have to love Southern California, beautiful weather all year around!

Eric and Archel's daughter Sadie, with her grandma and great grandma. Sadie DID NOT like me all that much, haha.

Two of my favorite shots from the day.

Finally! A shot of Eric, haha.

Loved this little moment shared by Eric and Archel, you can see Archel's cousin, Vanessa, on the right stalking them. Hahaha, inside joke!


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hahahaha! she totally is stalking us!

thanks again, chaz, for capturing our special day so perfectly! everyone that has seen the photos has gushed over how amazing your pictures are... and how you made the day look so romantic (more romantic that it really was! haha. that dang bride... can you get SOME emotion out of her, pleeeease???). you were more than a pleasure to work with, and i hope we can again work together in the future! anyone that has you as a photographer can count on their memories being frozen in time through your work. you're truly talented! please stay in touch!


what was the joke behind the groomsmen photo? eric doesn't remember! :P

(12.16.08 @ 08:04 AM)

I totally noticed that when I saw these pics! I wasn't going to say anything hoping no one would notice...but how could you not! It's so obvious that I'm peaking. The funny thing is, I remember doing it! I told you I can't help my stalking tendencies!!

(12.17.08 @ 06:54 PM)
Georgia Wegener:

Omg! Archel was my neighbor growing up. We use to play with each other all the time. lol. Archel, if you see this email me. It's been soo long. I still have Karate pictures you sent me after you moved. georgialynwegener@gmail.com

(12.19.08 @ 07:34 PM)
janet s:

These are gorgeous! can stills be cinema-tographic (is that a word)? if so, these are :)

(08.24.09 @ 07:17 AM)
* Images transferred from old blog, sizing of images will be different.

A year ago, I had the opportunity to photograph my first wedding which was of my good friends Rosa and Anthony. They took a chance on a new photographer and I am so glad they did, their wedding images are still some of my most cherished shots. I had photographed their wedding during my spring break from Hallmark Institute of Photography, so I spent all day documenting their wedding and I stayed awake all night till my flight at 5 am the next morning. It was definitely a long day!

But Rosa and I had discussed photographing her bridal session when I returned home from school, but once I got back, Anthony and Rosa were expecting Travon! So, we had to wait until after she gave birth. So we waited. A year. It was a long year. Haha, but it was definitely worth it! I had Rosa dust off her wedding dress and we headed out to get some beautiful photographs!


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Jessie Moore:

LOVE these photos, Chaz... You pretty much rock.

(06.17.09 @ 12:08 PM)