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my name is chaz cruz and I am a photographer splitting time between san diego and NYC. my specialties include weddings, fashion and lifestyle portraits. this blog is named after my obsession with "the office" and of a lovable character named creed bratton. he writes about his random musings under a blog titled "creed thoughts," so I thought I'd do the same and name it "chaz thoughts." so please, browse around and don't forget to leave me a comment or two.

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May 14, 2013

Now this was a fun one. I traveled an hour north of San Francisco to the charming city of Santa Rosa for engagement session with Angela and Josh. I went up into the mountains to their private land and was in awe of the views and the serenity. See you two in San Francisco in September.

Josh asked Angela to marry him as she was finishing off a half marathon.


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July 27, 2012

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged and I’m getting back in the habit. A full season flying back and forth from San Diego and NYC has taken its toll on my social media, but this should be a fun way to get the ball rolling.

A few months ago I went to San Francisco to photograph a bridal session with a friend of mine Rita and her husband Chad. They got married in Bora Bora so they wanted to get some portraits done in San Francisco where they reside. Rita and I have been friends since high school and we got into the wedding industry at the same time, me with photography and her with makeup. She is an extremely talented makeup artist, so brides if you are in the San Diego or San Francisco area, definitely check out her work.

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June 22, 2011

I headed up for a foodie day trip to San Francisco to meet up with Jesse and Chi-Na. As soon as they picked me up from the airport we went on an eating binge: Tartine, Pizzeria Delfina, Dynamo, Boccalone, Cowgirl Creamery, Blue Bottle, then Hog Island Oyster Company. I spared you from posting photographs from each restaurant because if you read this post hungry, you may get upset, haha. But after all the food it was portrait time, so we headed to Golden Gate Park and the Sutro Baths to some beautiful light. I must shoot better with a food coma.

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May 3, 2011

I hung out with Jen, Bucky and their son Liam in their neighborhood of Bernal Heights in San Francisco.

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March 8, 2011

A few weeks ago I went up to San Francisco for an engagement session with Mary and Eddy who both have impeccable style and taste. We started the session at their home, then went off to Blue Bottle on Mint Street and photographed around there. After our coffee fix, we darted to Golden Gate Park and beat the incoming fog to finish off our session at the De Young museum, which was a great way to end the day. We were joined by RJ of Apex Express, who was interviewing me and a few other photographers on our thoughts on love, its great to hear Mary, Eddy and myself talk about ourselves and our philosophies. Its a great program who is also in need of support to keep the great stories coming along, so feel free to make a donation on their website as you listen to us chat, we start around 23:00.

APEX Express Fund Drive Show – February 17, 2011 at 7:00pm

Click to listen (or download)


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  • R.J. Lozada says:

    Thanks for the opportunity Chaz! Folks have come up to me either to put a hand on my shoulder in support for finding ‘her,’ or just because they found the piece really entertaining – which is quite the departure from our otherwise overtly political programming (think angry, but well informed Left).
    Come to think of it though, choosing who you love and how you express that love is probably the most political act one could do.
    Congrats Mary and Eddy, and keep documenting love in the time of now, Chaz.

  • What!? TWO posts in less than a week! Good job! :) These are amazing Chaz! I LOVE the black&white ones!!!

  • Eddy Chan says:

    Thanks to R.J. and Chaz for such an enlightening and and entertaining piece. Mary and I had so much fun the day of the shoot. It’s so great that we get to have such tangible pieces of our memories: Chaz’s beautiful photos, and R.J.’s commentary as an outsider looking in, sharing our many moments of laughter. You guys are the best!

    Oh, and some people say bitter melon is an acquired taste…I think I might be still acquiring.

  • You’re killing me with that last one, reverse reflection…nice!

  • [...] affair at the San Jose Hilton in downtown, which I must say is a pretty swanky spot. I loved their engagement session that we did in San Francisco because of their style, so their wedding definitely didn’t disappoint. A super huge thank [...]

October 13, 2010

Hey I’m back! The backlog of blogging I need to do is extensive, so I thought I’d ease myself back in with a fun engagement shoot I did a few weeks ago in San Francisco with the hilarious Anne Marie and JT. Don’t let their serious looks fool you, the back and forth zinging we had during the shoot was epic, I believe I might’ve met my match. I can’t wait till next month for their wedding, where I’ll get to meet all of JT’s friends who decided to lay into him on his Facebook comments when he posted some of the photographs, haha.

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