Hola! My name is Chaz Cruz and I am a photographer based out of San Diego, CA. My specialties include weddings, fashion and lifestyle portraits. This blog is named after my obsession with "The Office" and of a lovable character named Creed Bratton. He writes about his random musings under a blog titled "Creed Thoughts," so I thought I'd do the same and name it "Chaz Thoughts." So please, browse around and don't forget to leave me a comment or two!
September 13, 2009 // portraits / sneak peek

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Jason McGrew:

Love it man!

(09.13.09 @ 03:08 PM)

amazing image


(09.13.09 @ 03:14 PM)
August 3, 2009 // families / portraits
Shane smiles way too much, which makes my photos look so much better, haha. Shane brought along his parents Kim and Don for a fun shoot in La Jolla!

Model family.

Kim with her mom Kim, sisters Kim and Kim, also known as Jennie and Annie, haha.


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Cousin Ellaine:

Great shots! This kid just tugged at my uterus a little.

(08.07.09 @ 05:41 AM)

Hi, great images here. I particularly like the second pix. Keep up the good work. ;-)

(08.09.09 @ 12:36 AM)
Meet Andrew and LJ, their parents are pretty mean to leave them in shopping carts in an alley. But its pretty cool when your parents are great friends and you are only born a few weeks apart. We already know what sports these kids will play when they grow up, LJ is going to be the basketball star and Andrew is going to be a quarterback, he already threw a football right at my forehead, haha.


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I love this. So damn cute.

(07.07.09 @ 02:16 AM)
Easton is going to be the coolest kid because for one, Shannon is going to try pop him out on August 15th, which is my birthday, and two, that means he's going to be a Leo, and three, because the coolest kids usually have the coolest parents! Shannon and Mike drove down from the OC ("don't call it that" - Michael Bluth, sorry everytime I say "the OC" I think of Arrested Development) to photograph with me and we had a blast running around the UCSD campus. 

Mike was cracking me up all day. Did you know his dad is now a big Journey fan? True story! Haha, inside jokes don't work on the internet.

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1st & last shots are my favourite of this set. Lovely work!

(06.26.09 @ 03:29 PM)

Nice and fresh approach to a maternity session! Very cool images, Chaz.

(07.03.09 @ 12:53 PM)

great pictures chaz. they always turn out awesome! i love how you said "dont call it that", i always say that because of michael bluth.

(07.07.09 @ 07:02 AM)

You forgot another reason he's going to be super cool!... Because his name is going to be Easton, and only the coolest of cool kids are named that!! :) I LOVE that first shot!!

(07.22.09 @ 10:12 PM)