Hola! My name is Chaz Cruz and I am a photographer based out of San Diego, CA. My specialties include weddings, fashion and lifestyle portraits. This blog is named after my obsession with "The Office" and of a lovable character named Creed Bratton. He writes about his random musings under a blog titled "Creed Thoughts," so I thought I'd do the same and name it "Chaz Thoughts." So please, browse around and don't forget to leave me a comment or two!
November 13, 2009 // engagements / sneak peek

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Wow! Beautiful shot! :)

(11.14.09 @ 01:57 AM)
November 8, 2009 // sneak peek / weddings
This is what happens when you are too tall, haha.


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HILARIOUS!!!! And creative too.... =) Way to go, Chaz!

(11.08.09 @ 07:37 PM)

haha love this photo, too funny.

(11.08.09 @ 08:22 PM)
noida granada:

lol...this is why i love being short! lol..great job on my bros wedding the photo booth was tons of fun! :-)b

(11.09.09 @ 09:02 PM)
Jocelyn Cancel:

Awww... Jeannie! But everyone was beautiful, esp. Chor =) Can't wait to see the pictures Chaz! Thanks for finding me on FB!

(11.10.09 @ 09:10 AM)
Two families, two styles, two blog posts coming up.


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Martha Carver:

Simply stunning, Chaz. You caught my son and his beautiful soul on film. Can't wait to see more! xoxo

(10.27.09 @ 04:35 PM)
Jennifer Phanhthaly:

Chaz, words could not express what you captured on film. My kids look awesome!

(10.27.09 @ 11:35 PM)

Great work! :D

(10.29.09 @ 10:16 PM)
September 19, 2009 // sneak peek / weddings
Its 3am in Milwaukee right now and I can't stop looking at the photographs from Rachel and Billy's wedding. This is will be a good one.


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This is absolutely gorgeous! Wow. Thanks again pal, I hope you guys had a good time here in Milwaukee.

(09.19.09 @ 08:41 PM)