Hola! My name is Chaz Cruz and I am a photographer based out of San Diego, CA. My specialties include weddings, fashion and lifestyle portraits. This blog is named after my obsession with "The Office" and of a lovable character named Creed Bratton. He writes about his random musings under a blog titled "Creed Thoughts," so I thought I'd do the same and name it "Chaz Thoughts." So please, browse around and don't forget to leave me a comment or two!

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andrea nievera:

love, love, love it!

(07.15.09 @ 08:24 AM)
Meet Andrew and LJ, their parents are pretty mean to leave them in shopping carts in an alley. But its pretty cool when your parents are great friends and you are only born a few weeks apart. We already know what sports these kids will play when they grow up, LJ is going to be the basketball star and Andrew is going to be a quarterback, he already threw a football right at my forehead, haha.


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I love this. So damn cute.

(07.07.09 @ 02:16 AM)
Shannon and Mike look good silhouetted, but they look even better in the light. Check back in a few.


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Krisandra Williams-Evans:

very nice idea! can't wait for the rest....

(06.24.09 @ 12:27 AM)

I love it, Chaz! Seriously though ...is my belly that big?!?! Yikes... :) Mike and I really had the best time shooting with you. Can't wait to see the rest!

(06.24.09 @ 12:16 PM)

Chaz....AMAZING shot! Man, is there anything you can't shoot?!?! I really love this!

(06.25.09 @ 11:11 AM)
Kristine and Shawn. 'Nuff said.


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this is a hot one man. can't wait to see the full post.

(06.14.09 @ 10:20 PM)

Hey Chaz just dropped by the site. The pics look so great. We still need to find time to come by the studio to pic up our print and talk.

(09.23.09 @ 04:48 AM)